RIMS Workshop

Mathematical Logic and Its Applications


In Memoriam Yuzuru Kakuda


Yuzuru Kakuda (1946-2015)


Date: Sep 26 (Mon) - Sep 29 (Thu), 2016

Place: Room 111, RIMS, Kyoto University

Organizer: Makoto Kikuchi (Kobe)

Web page: http://www2.kobe-u.ac.jp/~mkikuchi/mla2016.html


Program [Abstracts] [PDF in Japanese]


Sep 26 (Mon)


11:00-11:50 T. Miyamoto (Nanzan)                

                A Couple of Hypothetical Structures and Constructions in Set Theory (J)

13:30-14:20 J.D. Hamkins (CUNY)

                The Modal Logic of Set-Theoretic Potentialism

14:30-15:20 K. Higuchi (Nihon)                        

                Computably Represented Structures

15:30-16:20 K. Takeuchi (Tsukuba)  

                Properties Characterized by Generalized Indiscernible


Sep 27 (Tue)


10:00-10:50 T. Arai (Chiba) 

                Introducing Prof. Kakuda into Proof Theory (J)

11:00-11:50 M. Itai (Tokai U.)

                Get Started in the Midwest in the Mid 80's, Praising Model Theory; Its Past and Future (J) 

13:30-14:20 F. Wagner (Lyon)

                Bad Groups, Sad Groups, and the Golden Ginger Ale

14:30-15:20 K. Yokoyama (JAIST) 

                On the Proof-Theoretic Strength of Ramsey's Theorem for Pairs

15:30-16:20 Y. Maruyama (Kyoto) 

                Dynamics of Duality: How Duality Emerges, Changes, and Breaks


Sep 28 (Wed) 


10:00-10:50 K. Mukai (Keio U.) 

                Relating the Abstract Design Theory to Barwise’s Model Theoretic Semantics (J) 

11:00-11:50 Y. Kanai (Yamato U.)     

                Wandering Around One Corner of Axiomatic Set Theory (J)

13:30-14:20 B. Khoussainov (Auckland/Kyoto) 

                Computably Enumerable Structures: Domain Dependence

14:30-15:20 N. Hoshino (Kyoto) 

                Geometry of Interaction and Higher Order Functions

15:30-16:20 D. Mejia (Shizuoka) 

                Several Values in Cichon's Diagram


18:00-21:00 Banquet

                Marble room (5 min walk from Keihan-Sanjo station)

                Registration: contact the organizer by e-mail before September 24, 2016

                Price: 3,000yen


Sep 29 (Thu) 


10:00-10:50 Y. Sato (TUS) 

                On Quantifier Elimination Algorithm and Current Situation of its Computation (J)

11:00-11:50 M. Kumabe (OUJ) 

                On the Turing Degrees of Generic Sets (J)

13:30-15:20 P. Welch (Bristol) 

                Generalised Squares and Higher Stationarity


Talks with the symbol (J) will be given in Japanese and include tutorial for

recent developments, stories of the good old days, and memories of Professor Kakuda.