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Nishida Lab. since 2012

We are offering academic training as part of the Kobe University Graduate School of Intercultural Studies since academic year 2012.

Our Mission

We make life easy and fun using computers.

We promote universal design for communication environments.

Universal design for communication environments

Our goal is to create computer-supported communication environments where less social and communication skills are required.

Everyday communication barriers such as getting nervous or negative are subjected to study. Interdisciplinary perspective are desired. We sometimes learn from communication practices in history such as the round-robin signature. Also, as part of "intercultural studies", we are tackling the language barrier.

You don't necessary have to be skilled in communication to conduct communication research. Actually, a poor communicator can be preferable than the powerful if they think more deeply about communication as a daily basis. I myself am not very good at communication.


interaction design, user interface, computer-mediated communication, entertainment computing

Find your own idea
We don't assign research themes. We help you find one. You may bring in ideas if you have any.
Prototype first
We think through prototyping.
Sketching, programming, etc..
Polish output skills
We put emphasis on writing and presenting skills.
We practice through making revisions.

Please check For Prospective Students before contact.

Master thesis titles (translated from Japanese)

Graduation thesis titles (translated from Japanese)