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Nishida Lab. since 2012

We are offering academic training as part of the Kobe University Graduate School of Intercultural Studies since academic year 2012.

Our Mission

We make life easy and fun using computers.

We promote universal design for communication environments.

Universal design for communication environments

Our goal is to create computer-supported communication environments where less social and communication skills are required.

Everyday communication barriers such as getting nervous or negative are subjected to study. Interdisciplinary perspective are desired. We sometimes learn from communication practices in history such as the round-robin signature. Also, as part of "intercultural studies", we are tackling the language barrier.

You don't necessary have to be skilled in communication to conduct communication research. Actually, a poor communicator can be preferable than the powerful if they think more deeply about communication as a daily basis. I myself am not very good at communication.


interaction design, user interface, computer-mediated communication, entertainment computing

Find your own idea
We don't assign research themes. We help you find one. You may bring in ideas if you have any.
Prototype first
We think through prototyping.
Sketching, programming, etc..
Polish output skills
We put emphasis on writing and presenting skills.
We practice through making revisions.

Contact me if you wish to join us or if you have any questions.

Associate professor at Graduate School of Intercultural Studies, Kobe University tnishida(at)

Additionally, please check the page For Prospective Students.


Example thesis titles (translated from Japanese)

  • 2017 The Possibility of Educational Horror Games
  • 2017 A Chat-bot for Shy People Who Wants to Ask Someone to Go Out
  • 2017 A Chat-bot for Solo English Learners
  • 2017 Improving Daily Productivity by Recording Emotion
  • 2017 Designing an Application to Support Chorus Practices
  • 2017 Designing an Application to Receive Action Requests for Passive Tourists
  • 2017 Manipulating the Display Order of User Reviews to Affect Selection Action
  • 2017 A System to Support Comprehension of Characters in Stories
  • 2016 Can We Make Werewolf Game More Fun with Heart Rate Sensor?
  • 2016 Terms of Follow: A System to Keep Irritating Tweets Away before Following Someone
  • 2016 Effects of BGM conditioned by Crafted Successful Experience
  • 2016 A Comparatice Image Display System to Encourage Awareness of Cultural Diversity Around Us
  • 2016 A Recipe-Specific Sublanguage Conversion Method based on Mistranslation Analysis of Italian Machine Translation
  • 2016 A System to Support Input Commentary on Football
  • 2016 Ad-vice: A Surrogate Messaging System using a Fake Smartphone Ad
  • 2016 A System to Support Calendar Event Input
  • 2016 A Solo English Conversation Training System
  • 2015 Influence of "Everyday Recall" Intervention to University Student's Subjective Feeling of Well-Being
  • 2015 Prototyping and Evaluation of Video Viewing Support System using Eye Tracking
  • 2014 A Support System for Better Chewing Habit based on Kinect Face Tracking
  • 2014 A Route of Life Search based on Collective Intelligence
  • 2014 Supporting Well-Balanced Diet with Gamification
  • 2014 A Smartphone Application to Innocuously Escape from Unwanted Conversations
  • 2014 A System to Browse Customer Reviews from Various Perspectives
  • 2013 Analysis of Seating Behavior in Japanese University Classrooms
  • 2013 Reading Tedious Books through Daily Routine of Twitter Timeline Consumption
  • 2013 A Twitter Application for Those who are Busy but Don't Want to Miss a Tweet
  • 2013 Designing Information Environments to promote Broader View and Active Information Sharing
  • 2013 Improving End-User Comprehension of License Documents
  • 2012 A Web Application to Share Frustrating Daily Problems and Turn it into Play
  • 2012 A Smartphone Application to Augment the Spectator Experience in Ballparks with Shared Comments and Viewpoints


  • M2 CONG YU
  • B4 Saki IKEDA
  • B4 Miharu ITAYA
  • B4 Nana USHIJIMA
  • B4 Toko OKADA
  • B4 Rina TANAKA
  • B4 Marina YOSHIDA


  • B4 2012 Yusuke TSUJI
  • B4 2012 Akihiro MIYAMOTO
  • M2 2013 Masatatsu NAKAMURA
  • M2 2013 Daituu U
  • B4 2013 Shunsuke KAWAKAMI
  • B4 2013 Ryota KOBASHI
  • B4 2013 Kouhei TATSUMI
  • B4 2013 Yoshiki NAGAWAKA
  • M2 2014 Xiaoxuan WANG
  • M2 2014 WANG U
  • B4 2014 Miyu TAKEHISA
  • B4 2014 Keisuke NAGAI
  • B4 2014 Saori MURAOKA
  • M2 2015 Kohei MORISHITA
  • B4 2015 Hikaru TANAKA
  • M2 2016 Shengchong MA
  • B4 2016 Kodai ASAYAMA
  • B4 2016 Masato URAI
  • B4 2016 Ryota KAJI
  • B4 2016 Daisuke TAKEBU
  • B4 2016 Sayaka TANI
  • B4 2016 Mikiko IKEDA
  • B4 2016 Saki UMEHARA
  • B4 2016 Ayano FUNAKI
  • M2 2017 Han XIE
  • B4 2017 Fuko KITAMURA
  • B4 2017 Yuri KIMURA
  • B4 2017 Satomi HIZUKURI
  • B4 2017 Manami KATAOKA
  • B4 2017 Saki WATARAI
  • B4 2017 Mana YOSHIDA