Lab. Sustainable Development & Human Ecology

Latest update on 26th October 2018.

The laboratory of Sustainable Development & Human Ecology, Department of Public Health, Kobe University Graduate School of Health Sciences is managed by Prof. Minato Nakazawa since 1st April 2012.

Prof. Minato Nakazawa also works at GSICS as a professor of cooperative laboratory, so that some students are supervised and attending the regular seminar.

Theme of Research / Education

The sustainable development is one of the major targets of the United Nations' post-MDGs. From the viewpoint of international health, sustainability is essentially important. Overseas aids are, even if the amount of investment is huge, totally ineffective if the recipients cannot maintain the system, or do not have needed indeed. For instance, if hunter-gatherer once changes their subsistence to sedentary farming and/or herding as the result of overseas aid to increase stability of food production, they may tend to suffer from various infectious diseases, so that the clinic must be built and vaccinations are needed. Since the natural environment which the hunter-gatherer depended on cannot revive, they must continue farming/herding after the end of overseas aid. Vaccination and treatment in the clinic must be maintained by the local people, though it is very difficult. The aid must consider such a situation, including the local ecosystem. In other words, we must study the human ecology of the local population (recipients) (and sometimes donors, too). We aim to study and give education for these topics.

To check actual fieldwork done by Prof. Nakazawa, see his personal web site. Graduate students' studies will be introduced here in the future.


(Note: GSICS=Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies, GSHS=Graduate School of Health Sciences)


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Basically we have laboratory meetings on every monday at 18:30-20:00. at GSICS 206 (April 2018 - Jan 2019) and GSHS E501 (Feb 2019).

Past meetings

Fiscal year 2018

19 April
Hanna Horiguchi (D2, GSHS)
26 April
Wanjing Li (M2, GSICS)
10 May
Bharat Negi (RA): How to prepare presentation slides / research proposals (cf.) "Essentials of Writing Biomedical Research Papers, 2nd ed. (Book review, Buy Pbk Ed, at amazon)
17 May<
Chieko Niboshi (M3, GSHS)
24 May
Ichiro Mihara (RA)
31 May
Junko Miyamoto (D1, GSHS)
7 June
Manami Ueno (D1, GSHS)
14 June
Chitose Iwasaki (M1, GSHS)
21 June
Saya Komatsu (M1, GSICS)
28 June
Moeno Sakai (M1, GSICS)
12 July
Seetabaral Baral (M1, GSHS)
26 July
Moe Takano (M2, GSICS)

No meeting in August and September

4 Oct
Hanna Horiguchi, Progress report
11 Oct
Bharat Negi, Introduction of his Ph.D. study in Nepal
18 Oct
(No meeting)
25 Oct
Saya Komatsu, Progress report
1 Nov
Manami Ueno, Reharsal for interim presentation at GSHS
8 Nov
Wanjing Li
15 Nov
Moe Takano
22 Nov
(No meeting)
29 Nov
Chitose Iwasaki
6 Dec
Junko Miyamoto
13 Dec
Moeno Sakai
20 Dec
Chieko Niboshi
10 Jan
Chieko Niboshi, Preparation for master thesis
17 Jan
Moe Takano, Preparation for master thesis
24 Jan
Wanjing Li, Preparation for master thesis
31 Jan
(No meeting)
7 Feb (at E501)
Seetabaral Seeta and Chitose Iwasaki, Reharsal for interim presentation
14 Feb (at E501)
Wanjing Li and Moe Takano, Reharsal for defense of master thesis
21 Feb (at E501)
Seetabaral Seeta
28 Feb (at E501)
Ichiro Mihara

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