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Past lab. meetings

Latest update on 21st March 2021.


Fiscal year 2012

2nd October 2012
Report of disaster preparedness research for Indonesian nursing students (Syahirul Alim)
9th October 2012
Progress report (Risa Murakami)
16th October 2012
PNG reports (Minato Nakazawa)
23rd October 2012
30th October 2012
Progress report (Risa Murakami)
6th November 2012
Reharsal of presentation on 7th November 2012 (Risa Murakami)
13th November 2012
Introducing "The science and practice of disaster health" presented by Dr. Birnbaum ML and Dr. Daily EK at Universitas Gadjah Mada. (Syahirul Alim)
20th November 2012
Report of Tanzania (Ryodai Yamamura)
27th November 2012
(no semi due to the next day's examination)
4th December 2012
11th December 2012
Progress report of graduation study (Ryodai Yamamura)
18th December 2012
Introducing the seminar about how to write a good paper (Risa Murakami)
15th January 2013
Journal club: JAMA's meta-analysis paper on the relationship between BMI and mortality (Minato Nakazawa)
Progress report of master thesis (Risa Murakami)
Progress report of disaster preparedness study in Indonesia (Syahirul Alim)
22nd January 2013
(not done due to Editorial Committee of JPHS in Tokyo)
29th January 2013
(not done; private reason of Minato Nakazawa)
5th February 2013
Progress report with journal club (Kaori Sugishima)
12th February 2013
Report of disaster nursing training in Indonesia (Syahirul Alim)
19th February 2013
(not done; due to Minato Nakazawa visiting Mahidol University)
26th February 2013
(Not done because of the entrance examination for undergraduate)
5th March 2013
Journal club? / Report on Mahidol University Faculty of Public Health (Minato Nakazawa)
12th March 2013
(Not done because of the entrance examination for undergraduate)
19th March 2013
(not done due to the illness of the speaker)
26th March 2013
(Not done due to graduation party)

Fiscal year 2013

2nd April 2013
Research plan with report of preliminary visit to Indonesia (Risa Murakami)
9th April 2013
How to use the Demographic and Health Survey (Minato Nakazawa)
16th April 2013
Nutritional study for HIV/AIDS children (Junko Koga)
23rd April 2013
JOCV experience in Paraguay (Shoko Nakamura)
30th April 2013
Journal club: Introducing 2 papers (Minato Nakazawa)
7th May 2013
Journal club: Introducing 1 paper (Syahirul Alim)
14th May 2013
(Welcome party)
21st May 2013
Progress reports: (all graduate students)
28th May 2013
Journal club: (Kaori Sugishima)
4th June 2013
Journal club and Discussion about the questionnaire (Risa Murakami)
11th June 2013
Journal club: (Junko Koga)
18th June 2013
Journal club: (Shoko Nakamura)
25th June 2013
How to do population projection in Ukraine (Minato Nakazawa)
2nd July 2013
Introducing a paper to be submitted (Syahirul Alim)
9th July 2013
Journal club: The best season to get pregnant, ScienceNow and ProNAS (Minato Nakazawa)
16th July 2013
23rd July 2013
Journal club: (Kaori Sugishima)
30th July 2013
Journal club: (Junko Koga)
6th August 2013
Journal club: (Shoko Nakamura)
1st October 2013
Reharsal of interim presentation: (Syahirul Alim)
8th October 2013
Brief report of PNG fieldwork: (Minato Nakazawa)
21st October 2013
28th October 2013
(Syahirul Alim)
11th November 2013
(Junko Koga)
18th November 2013
(Shoko Nakamura)
25th November 2013
9th December 2013
(Syahirul Alim)
16th December 2013
(Tomoko Kanata)
6th January 2014
27th January 2014
(Syahirul Alim)
3rd February 2014
Introducing review paper (Minato Nakazawa)
10th February 2014
(Shoko Nakamura)
18th February 2014
(Shoko Nakamura)
27th February 2014
(Shoko Nakamura)

Fiscal year 2014

Fiscal year 2015

Fiscal year 2016

4 April 2016
11 April 2016
Progress report by Hanna Horiguchi, Small scale population demography by Minato Nakazawa
18 April 2016
(not done, due to the special class of infectious diseases by Minato Nakazawa)
25 April 2016
Progress report by Emi Kobayashi, Religious demography by Minato Nakazawa
2 May 2016
Progress report by Shigeo Fukuda, Mechanisms of low fertility by Minato Nakazawa
9 May 2016
Progress report by Chihiro Tsuchiya
16 May 2016 (E702)
Progress report by Moe Takano, Mathematical demography of mortality by Minato Nakazawa
23 May 2016
Progress report by Ryoko Yamaguchi, Mathematical demography of fertility and population growth by Minato Nakazawa
30 May 2016
Progress report by Yao Yao
6 June 2016 (E702)
Progress report by Chieko Niboshi, Questionnaire basics by Minato Nakazawa
13 June 2016 (E702 -> E501)
Factor analysis by Emi Kobayashi
20 June 2016
Progress Report by Moe Takano
27 June 2016
Progress Report by Ryoko Yamaguchi, Two way ANOVA and interaction by Minato Nakazawa
4 July 2016 (E702, 18:50-20:00, in English)
Progress Report by Shigeo Fukuda
11 July 2016
Progress Report by Hanna Horiguchi
25 July 2016
Progress Report by Negi

From August to September, we have no meeting.

3 October 2016 (E701)
Progress Report by Chihiro Tsuchiya
17 Ocober 2016 (E701)
Progress Report by Yao Yao
24 October 2016 (E701)
Progress Report by Chieko Niboshi

2nd semester of 2016, we had several meetings, but not listed here.

Fiscal year 2017

20 April
Progress report (plan of pilot study) by Yao Yao (M2, GSICS)
11 May
Ryoko Yamaguchi (M2, GSICS)
18 May<
Chieko Niboshi (M2, GSHS)
25 May
Hanna Horiguchi (D1, GSHS)
1 June
Emi Kobayashi (D1, GSHS)
8 June
Wanjing Li (M1, GSICS)
15 June
Moe Takano (M1, GSICS)

There were several meetings in the latter half of FY2017, but not listed here.

Fiscal year 2018

19 April
Hanna Horiguchi (D2, GSHS)
26 April
Wanjing Li (M2, GSICS)
10 May
Bharat Negi (RA): How to prepare presentation slides / research proposals (cf.) "Essentials of Writing Biomedical Research Papers, 2nd ed. (Book review, Buy Pbk Ed, at amazon)
17 May<
Chieko Niboshi (M3, GSHS)
24 May
Ichiro Mihara (RA)
31 May
Junko Miyamoto (D1, GSHS)
7 June
Manami Ueno (D1, GSHS)
14 June
Chitose Iwasaki (M1, GSHS)
21 June
Saya Komatsu (M1, GSICS)
28 June
Moeno Sakai (M1, GSICS)
12 July
Seetabaral Baral (M1, GSHS)
26 July
Moe Takano (M2, GSICS)

No meeting in August and September

4 Oct
Hanna Horiguchi, Progress report
11 Oct
Bharat Negi, Introduction of his Ph.D. study in Nepal
18 Oct
(No meeting)
25 Oct
Saya Komatsu, Progress report
1 Nov
Manami Ueno, Reharsal for interim presentation at GSHS
8 Nov
Wanjing Li
15 Nov
Moe Takano
22 Nov
(No meeting)
29 Nov
Chitose Iwasaki
6 Dec
Junko Miyamoto
13 Dec
Moeno Sakai
20 Dec
Chieko Niboshi
10 Jan
Chieko Niboshi, Preparation for master thesis
17 Jan
Moe Takano, Preparation for master thesis
24 Jan
Wanjing Li, Preparation for master thesis
31 Jan
(No meeting)
7 Feb (at E501)
Seetabaral Seeta and Chitose Iwasaki, Reharsal for interim presentation
14 Feb (at E501)
Wanjing Li and Moe Takano, Reharsal for defense of master thesis
21 Feb (at E501)
Seetabaral Seeta
28 Feb (at E501)
Ichiro Mihara

Fiscal Year 2019

11 April
Research in Northern Laos, Prof. Minato Nakazawa' talk
18 April
Hanna Horiguchi (D3, GSHS)
25 April
Chitose Iwasaki (M2, GSHS)
9 May
Seetabaral Baral (M2, GSHS)
16 May<
Vilayphone Vang (M1, GSHS)
23 May
Saya Komatsu (M2, GSICS)
30 May
Soojung (Ogawa semi, M2, GSICS)
6 June
Chieko Niboshi (M4, GSHS)
13 June
Moeno Sakai (M2, GSICS)
20 June
27 June
Manami Ueno Sato (D2, GSHS)
4 July
Yorin Watabe (D1, GSHS)
18 July
Junko Miyamoto (D2, GSHS)
25 July

No meeting in August and September

3 Oct
Hanna Horiguchi (D3, GSHS)
10 Oct
Chitose Iwasaki (M2, GSHS)
17 Oct
Prof. Minato Nakazawa (handout)
24 Oct
Saya Komatsu (M2, GSICS)
31 Oct
(no meeting)
7 Nov
Haruka Sawada (M1, GSHS)
14 Nov
Vilayphone Vang (M1, GSHS)
21 Nov
Moeno Sakai (M2, GSICS)
28 Nov
Seetabaral Baral (M2, GSHS)
5 Dec
Yorin Watabe (D1, GSHS)
(11 Dec)
(Interim reports by Watabe, Sawada, Seeta, Emma at F306 of GSHS)
12 Dec
Manami Sato (D2, GSHS)
19 Dec
Saya Komatsu (M2, GSICS)
9 Jan
Seetabaral Baral (M2, GSHS)
16 Jan
Vilayphone Vang (M1, GSHS)
23 Jan
Chitose Iwasaki (M2, GSHS)
30 Jan (at E501)
Junko Miyamoto (D2, GSHS)
6 Feb (at E501)
Moeno Sakai and Saya Komatsu (M2, GSICS)
13 Feb (at E501)
Hanna Horiguchi (D3, GSHS)
20 Feb (at E501)
Haruka Sawada (M1, GSHS)
27 Feb (at E501)

Fiscal Year 2020

9 April
Prof. Minato Nakazawa' talk about Covid-19
16 April
Haruka Sawada
23 April
Seetabaral Seeta
30 April
Chitose Iwasaki
7 May
Emi Kobayashi
14 May
Vilayphone Vang
21 May
Moeno Sakai
28 May
Junko Miyamoto
4 June
Masako Yamada
11 June
Hanna Horiguchi
18 June
Manami Ueno Sato
25 June
Gita Shrestha
2 July
Atsushi Ohta
9 July
Miho Sugiura
16 July
Norimitsu Sasaki

No meeting in August and September

1 Oct
Junko Miyamoto
8 Oct
Chitose Iwasaki
15 Oct
Manami Ueno Sato
22 Oct
Vilayphone Vang
29 Oct
Haruka Sawada
5 Nov
Emi Kobayashi
12 Nov
Moeno Sakai
19 Nov
Seetabaral Seeta
26 Nov
Miho Sugiura
3 Dec
Masako Yamada
10 Dec
Norimitsu Sasaki
17 Dec
Gita Shrestha
24 Dec
Atsushi Ohta
7 Jan
Manami Ueno Sato
14 Jan
Haruka Sawada
21 Jan
Vilayphone Vang
28 Jan
(Defense of Graduate Students in GSHS)
4 Feb
Junko Miyamoto
11 Feb
(National Holiday)
18 Feb
Emi Kobayashi
25 Feb
Alfi Nurfita Chasanah