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Biological membranes play essential roles in nearly all aspects of living organism. However, their functions are not yet well understood owing to the complex and dynamic supramolecular nature of the membrane. We are developing a synthetic model system of the biological membranes on solid substrate to understand their functions and apply the functions to biomedical applications.

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  • 2020.07.30  A collaborative work with Dr. Shohei Maekawa "The effects of phospholipids and fatty acids on the oligomer formation of NAP-22" was accepted by Neuroscience Letters.
  • 2020.05.09  The paper of Takuro Yoneda "Photosynthetic model membranes of natural plant thylakoid embedded in a patterned polymeric lipid bilayer" was accepted by Langmuir!
  • 2020.04.01  Funding for KAKENHI Grant (B) (#20H03225, 2020-2022) was approved
  • 2020.03.31  Rurika Nagai and Takuro Yoneda finish their Master's thesis. Congratulations and good luck with your careers!
  • 2020.03.16  The home page of the group is renewed!