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 Project  Visualization of Degradation and Depth Analysis of  Polymer materials by Teraherz Spectroscopy and  Imaging 


 Harumi SATO 
  (Kove Universtity, Associate Professor)
 Co-Researchers  Yukihiro OZAKI 
  (Kwansei Gakuin Universtiy, Professor)
 Shigeki YAMAMOTO 
  (Osaka Univresity, Research Associate)
 Hiromichi HOSHINA 
  (RIKEN, Researcher Associate)
 Period  September, 2014 - March, 2017


It is necessity to understand the degradation of the polymer to produce high-quality and high-performance polymeric products in the development of polymeric materials. In this study, we aim to find out the cause of the strain and defects by terahertz (THz) imaging measurements of the polymer composite material with non-destructive and non-contact. In addition, we try to make the depth profile of the interaction and dispersion between the components in the polymer composite material, resin flow, and residual stress, at the same time we aim to get the information of the three-dimensional distribution of these behaviors.
Application for evaluation of the structure and physical property of polymer materials by using THz imaging spectroscopy is the first in the world. There has never been such a non-destructive measurement to link the micro- and macroscopic molecular structure changes (intermolecular interactions and strain degradation). Thus, it is expected to greatly contribute to improving physical properties and new material development for the polymer material which is required recently more various properties and functions with understanding the mechanism of the physical properties expression.


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