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Young Logicians Gathering in Japan 2011

Dec.9 -- 11, 2011
Hagoromo Youth Activity Center of Osaka Prefecture

Young Logicains Gathering in Japan (in Japanese) is an annual meeting for young researchers in mathematical logic in Japan. The goal of this meeting is to foster academic exchange among young researchers. We expect many talks, in particular by graduate (and undergraduate) students.

Meeting information

Accommodations and Meals

A block of rooms have been reserved by the organizer at Osaka International Youth Hostel, which is next to the meeting venue. Accommodations and meals are available there at the following rate:

For details, please check web-page of the meeting venue.

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Please contact the organizer by e-mail:

  [Deadline]   Nov.6, 2011


Dec.9 (Fri.)
14:15--14:30 Opening
14:30--15:30 Taishi Kurahashi    " Interpretability and arithmetized completeness theorem"
15:45--16:15 Jun Nakamura    " finitely generated torsion free groups and non-commutatively slender groups"
16:30--17:00 Kosuke Ogawa    "Continuum hypothesis and diamond principle"
17:15--17:45 Masaru Kada    " Do logicians dream of mathematics education?"
18:00-- Dinner
20:00-- Get-together

Dec.10 (Sat.)
7:45-- Breakfast
9:00--10:00 Makoto Fujiwara    "The difficulty of marriage"
10:15--11:15 Kazuhiro Ishida    "A second order theory for TC0"
11:30--12:30 Shohei Izawa    " Decomposition and composition of algebras with respect to idempotent operations "
12:45-- Lunch
14:00--15:00 Takayuki Kihara    "The first step into an ocean of trees"
15:15--16:15 Dilip Raghavan    "Introduction to cardinal invariants"
16:30--17:30 Andrew Brooke-Taylor    "V=HOD"
18:00-- Dinner
20:00-- Get-together

Dec.11 (Sun.)
7:45-- Breakfast
9:00--10:00 Diego Mejia    "Forcing iterations and Cichon's diagram"
10:15--11:15 Makoto Yanagawa    "Local theory of stability"
11:30--12:30 Yu-ichi Tanaka    "Constructions of some local o-minimal structures"
12:30 Closing


Andrew Brooke-Taylor    Kobe Univ.
Sakaé Fuchino    Kobe Univ.
Megumi Fujita    Nara Woman's Univ.
Makoto Fujiwara    Tohoku Univ.
Yuki Goto    Kyoto Univ.
Kazuhiro Ishida    Tohoku Univ.
Shohei Izawa    Tohoku Univ.
Masaru Kada    Osaka Prefectural Univ.
Ryosuke Kamijo    Waseda Univ.
Takayuki Kihara    Tohoku Univ.
Kensuke Kojima    Kyoto Univ.
Taishi Kurahashi    Kobe Univ.
Diego Mejia    Kobe Univ.
Cho Mei    Waseda Univ.
Shota Nakagawa    Osaka Prefectural Univ.
Jun Nakamura    Waseda Univ.
Harumichi Nishimura    Osaka Prefectural Univ.
Kosuke Ogawa    Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.
Dilip Raghavan    Kobe Univ.
Hiroshi Sakai    Kobe Univ.
Masahiro Sato    Nagoya Univ.
Masaya Suzuki    Tokyo Univ. of Science
Shohei Tajiri    Osaka Prefectural Univ.
Yu-ichi Tanaka    Kobe Univ.
Toshimichi Usuba    Nagoya Univ.
Masahide Yamato    Osaka Prefectural Univ.
Makoto Yanagawa    Tsukuba Univ.
Teruyuki Yorioka    Shizuoka Univ.

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