Seeing is Wheeling
Reading Assistance with a Moving Hilight using a Mouse Wheel

with Takeo Igarashi


Some people follow text with a pen or their finger when reading a paper document in order to keep track of where they are. Physical pointing is awkward when reading on desktop computers and some people highlight the text being read using a mouse dragging operation. We propose a simple interaction technique Seeing is Wheeling to facilitate the process. The user moves a highlighted area of text back and forth using a mouse wheel. This is much easier than constantly changing the highlighted area using a mouse dragging operation and frees the user from remembering where they are reading.


in Japanese

  1. 西田 健志, 五十嵐 健夫, "Seeing is Wheeling: ホイールで動くハイライトによるリーディング支援", WISS2003 論文集, pp. (December, 2003).