Shy-proof Social Interaction Support Systems

with Kazutaka Kurihara, Masahiro Hamasaki


Introversive personalities have often been noted as a problem or disability for the minority, which should be overcome on one’s own. However, surveys have shown that more than half of the society are introverts even in cultures believed to be extroversive, suggesting the misplaced effort exercised by introverts to adjust. This reframing of debate provides us strong rationale to design opportunities as a community, where introverts can socialize with others in a peaceful manner. In this paper, we draw out policies to follow in designing shy-proof social interaction from careful considerations based on literature. We show how the policy can guide us through case studies where we developed a seating arrangement system for conference banquets. It seemed that the design helped the individual participants to input seating wishes with less anxieties, and also to have the overall activity recognized as an issue to be addressed by the whole community.


in Japanese

  1. 西田 健志, 濱崎 雅弘, 栗原 一貴, "超消極的な人でも安心して使える学会での交流促進システム", WISS2012 論文集, pp.103-108 (December, 2012).