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Takami Lab

A laboratory for Ecology and Evolutionary Biology in Kobe University, Japan
We are interested in Sexual selection, Speciation and Biodiversity.



- Organizing an international symposium "Genital evolution: genes, function, and diversification" in the 35th The Society of Population Ecology Meeting (2019.9.26-28, at North Campus, Kyoto University). (2019.9.2)

- Fieldwork in Korea. (2019.7.19)

- A new paper "Genetic basis of species-specific genitalia reveals a role in species diversification" was published in Science Advances. (2019.6.27)

- Farewell and welcome! Inoue finished his master course, and Kamuro joined to us. Nishimura, Terada and Nagata continue researches in their next steps. (2019.4.1)

- Dr. Yong Hwan Park got a post-doc position in Korea National Arboretum. Conglats! (2019.2.1)

- At the ceremony for Journal of Ethology Editor's Choice Award (2018.9.29)

- Invited speech in the symposium "Ecology and Evolution of Genitalia" in the 50th Annual Meeting of the Arachnological Society of Japan. (2018.8.25)
Takami, Y. Sexual conflict and genitalia as a driver of eco-evolutionary dynamics.

・We attended 20th Annual Meeting of the Society of Evolutionary Studies, Japan. (2018.8.23)
Nishimura, T., Takami, Y. Character displacement in genital morphology and avoidance of hybridization cost
Terada, K, Hirayama, A., Takami, Y. Development of divergent genital morphologies as revealed by microCT

- Fieldwork in Korea. (2018.7.13)

- Farewell and welcome! Kuroda finished his master course, and Nagata joined to us. (2018.4.2)

- We attended the 65th Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of Japan (March 14-18 2018, Sapporo, Japan). (2018.3.19)

- A new paper "Adult leaf beetles of the subfamily Cassidinae (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) preyed on by the digger wasp Cerceris albofasciata (Hymenoptera: Crabronidae) in Japan" was published in Entomologische Blätter und Coleoptera. This will be a part of the dissertation of Tadashi Shinohara. (2017.12.27)

- Fieldwork in Sardegna Is. (Italy) and Tenerife Is. (Canary Isles., Spain). (2017.12.21)

- A short review "Current perspectives in insect speciation studies in Japan: Natural history meets genomics" by Y. Takami was published in Konchu-to-Shizen (Nature and Insects) (in Japanese). (2017.11.24)

- Fieldwork in Korea, again. (2017.8.1)

- Fieldwork in Korea. (2017.7.3)

- Fieldworks in Amami and Okinawa islands. (2017.4.24)

- One master course student joined to us. (2017.4.3)

- We attended the 64th Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of Japan (March 14-18 2017, Tokyo, Japan).
Congrats on Kuroda's poster award! (2017.3.18)
Nishimura T, Takami Y Geographical variation in the genital morphology of Carabus maiyasanus is reproductive character displacement?: testing avoidance of hybridization costs
Shinohara T, Takami Y Diverse defensive morphologies in insects: the evolution of generalization and specialization in response to predater feeding types
Park YH, Kim JK, Takami Y Ground beetle community change in response to local climate change and its impact on broad-scale community evaluation
Kuroda T, Takami T Cost and morphological alteration due to parasitism by horsehair worms in a mantid
Inoue Y, Watanabe S, Takami Y Release from suppressive control by the brain mediates adaptive control of male mating behavior?

- A new paper "Local climate mediates spatial and temporal variation in carabid beetle communities in three forests in Mount Odaesan, Korea" was published in Ecological Entomology. This is a collaborated study with Kangwon National University (South Korea) and a part of the dissertation of Yong Hwan Park. (2016.12.23)

- Fieldwork in New Zealand, collaborated with Kyoto University and Hirosaki University. (2016.11.29)

- A short review of Takami's previous studies about molecular ecology of urban butterfly populations was published in Konchu-to-Shizen (Nature and Insects) (in Japanese). (2016.10.27)

- Takami attended XXV International Congress of Entomology (9/25-30, Orlando), and made a presentation in a symposium "In the Light of Morphometrics: Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution of Insect Morphology". (2016.10.4)
"Detecting divergent sexual selection operating upon divergent genital morphologies"
Yasuoki Takami & Sogo Takahashi

- Fieldwork in the states of Wasington and Arizona, the U.S.A., collaborated with Kyoto University and Hirosaki University. (2016.7.26)

- A new paper "Rediscovery of Celes akitanus (Orthoptera: Acrididae) from semi-natural grasslands in Japan" was published in Entomological Science. (2016.4.28)

- Fieldwork in Amami and Okinawa Islands, collaborated with Naruto University of Education and the University of Ryukyus. (2016.4.22)

Coraebus niponicus / Oedemeronia sexualis / Twilight in the YANBARU forest

- Two undergraduates joined us. (2016.4.4)

- Congrats on graduations! (2016.3.25)

- We will attend the 63rd Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of Japan (March 20-24 2016, Sendai, Japan). (2016.2.4)
"Evolution of insect external morphology as anti-predator adaptations: effects of predation manners" Shinohara T, Takami Y. [P1-154]
"Ground beetle community change in response to climate change in Baekdudaegan, Korea" Park YH, Jang TW, Kim JK, Chae HM, Takami Y. [P1-182]
"Mating behavior of praying mantids parasitized by horsehair worms" Kuroda T, Takami Y. [P1-274]
"Sperm competition and heteromorphic sperm bundles in ground beetles" Takami Y. [T15-2]
"Detecting divergent sexual selection operating upon divergent genital morphologies: Difference and complementarity between distance-based and landmark-based morphometrics" Takami Y, Takahashi S. [W33-3]

- English pages are now (partially) available!(2016.1.21)

- Takami enjoyed fieldwork in Australia for collecting Cicindelid, Silphid and Carabid beetles. (2015.12.28)

- A new paper "Ecological differentiation and habitat unsuitability maintaining a ground beetle hybrid zone" was published in Ecology and Evolution. (2015.12.16)

- Takami gave an invited lecture at CompBiol2015 (12/11-13, Hiroshima). (2015.12.14) 
"Sexual conflict mediates mating behavior of a sexually cannibalistic praying mantid"
Yasuoki Takami, Kotaro Morimoto and Mika Kadoi

- Takami struggled in fieldwork in Chile for collecting Carabid, Cicindelid and Silphid beetles. So cold but nice beetles. (2015.12.8)

- Takami and Park enjoyed fieldwork in Korea for long-term research of ground beetle communities. Collaborated with Professor Jong Kuk Kim in Kangwon National University. (2015.8.3)

- Takami, Shinohara and Satomi enjoyed fieldwork in Ryukyu islands for collecting Chrysomelid and Oedemerid beetles. Granted from the University of Ryukyus. (2015.4.19)

- Three new students, Satomi, Kuroda and Watanabe, joined to the lab. (2015.4.3)