Satoru TET Oishi @ KOBE Univ.

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Learning about the Earth makes better Living with the Earth.

Research Center for Urban Safety and Security
KOBE University
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Curriculum for Education through Research Work

Oishi lab. offers you the following Curriculum for education.


Under graduate in Department of Civil Engineering
General Lecture for Civil Engineering (freshman Summer)
Hydrology (Junior Summer)
Civil Engineering Ethics (Junior Winter)
Graduate School in Department of Civil Engineering
River Basin System (Master Winter)
Water Resources System (Doctor )

Seminar in the lab

Thesis Writing Seminar
Undergraduate Senior, Graduate School Students Through one year

Research (Hydrometeorology and Water Resources)

  • Hydrometeorology: Warning System for Flush Flood, Mud Slide, Inundation by using Radar Rainfall Measurement and High Performance Computing (HPC)
  • Meteorology using Radar: Severe Storm Mechanism with considering cloud microphysics by using Radar, rain drop observation, model, numerical simulation.
  • Computational Climatology (with R-CCS, RIKEN)
  • Computational Land Slide Modeling and Caculation
  • Scientific Risk Communication

In detail here.

Papers and C.V.

All papers including with and without reviewing are shown here.

Peer reviewed papers are shown here.

C.V. is shown here.

Related Research Groups


  • River Counselor (Abe river and Oi river)


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