We are researching on Environmental Problems and Sustainable Development from perspectives of economics and interdisciplinary studies.

Our research interests are:

  • Economic Valuation of the Environment and Ecosystem Services
  • Pollution and Deterioration of the Environment and Natural Resource
  • Development and Environment
  • Ecosystem and Urban economy
  • Sustainability Indicators such as Inclusive Wealth Index
  • Ecosystem Accounting
  • Environmental Policy

We welcome researchers and graduate students from domestic and international universities / institutions. For more detail information of our research activities, please move to the RESEARCH page.

Graduate and undergraduate students who are interested in our seminar, please visit SEMINAR page.

I’m willing to supervise the Master and Doctoral Course students who are interested in the topics above. Knock on our door!

What’s new

  • 大学院修士課程の推薦入試が実施されます(出願締め切り5月26日,試験日7月3日)。Admission based on recommendation for Master Course: Submission deadline 26 May 2021, Examination 3 July 2021.
  • Our seminar welcomes four B3 students, two M1 students and one D1 student as new comers! (April 2021)
  • Interview article was uploaded by URA Kobe University (in Japanese)
  • Masayuki Sato et al. are going to publish an article in Forest Policy and Economics (refereed), 2021.
  • Masayuki Sato was invited to publish an article in Environmental Information Science (in Japanese)
  • Masayuki Sato was invited to publish an article in Journal of Textile Machinery Society (in Japanese)
  • Masayuki Sato and his co-researchers held a session in SEEPS 2020.
  • Masayuki Sato returned back to Kobe University from Dept. Land Econ, University of Cambridge after 1 year visiting research.