We are researching on Environmental Problems and Sustainable Development from perspectives of economics and interdisciplinary studies.

Our research interests are:

  • Economic Valuation of the Environment and Ecosystem Services
  • Pollution and Deterioration of the Environment and Natural Resource
  • Development and Environment
  • Ecosystem and Urban economy
  • Sustainability Indicators such as Inclusive Wealth Index
  • Ecosystem Accounting
  • Environmental Policy

We welcome researchers and graduate students from domestic and international universities / institutions. For more detail information of our research activities, please move to the RESEARCH page.

Graduate and undergraduate students who are interested in our seminar, please visit SEMINAR page.

What’s new

  • Masayuki Sato is absent from Kobe University until March 2020 because of visiting research in University of Cambridge, UK. If needed, please contact by e-mail.
  • Masayuki Sato presented, “Valuation and and Discounting of Forest Ecosystem Services: A case of forest in Japan “, BioEcon Conference, 12 September, 2019, Wageningen, The Netherlands.
  • Masayuki Sato presented “Quality or quantity of urban ecosystem: which is important for human being?”, European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, June 27, 2019, Manchester, UK.
  • We have new four under graduate students and two doctoral students in April, 2019.
  • Masayuki Sato et al. published an article in Statistical Mathematics (in Japanese), 2019.
  • Paula Cano and Masayuki Sato presented a research in World Water Conference, September 2018
  • Ippei Aoshima et al. published an article in Urban Forestry & Urban Greening, 2018.
  • Masayuki Sato et al. published an article in EEPS, 2018.
  • Masayuki Sato et al. published an article in Int J Sus Ecol, 25(1), pp.56-68, 2018.