welcome to Akiho SHIBATA's International Law Room

Welcome to Akiho SHIBATA's International Law Room, at Kobe Univeristy, Japan.

What's New

Educational Activities
Academic year 2016 starts ! GSICS International Law Program welcomes five new Master's course students, one Doctoral student (from Palestine), and one exchange student from Grenoble University, France. Professor Shibata will be teaching International Environmental Law in Japanese in the Spring semester.
The English courses provided in the academic year 2016 (April 2016 to March 2017): International Security and International Law (Spring), Law of the International Civil Service (Spring, intensive in August)(Spring, intensive in August), The Law of the Sea (Spring, intensive in September by Professor Henriksen from Norway), International Cooperation Law (Fall), and Law of International Organizations (Fall).
Research Activities
JSPS Grant-in-Aid Kiban (B) reserach project on "Arctic International Legal Order: Science, Environment, the Ocean, and Institutions" has been adopted. With ArCS project, Professor Shibata and the Polar Cooperation Research Centre (PCRC) will continue to strongly promote Arctic international law studies at Kobe. Please refer to the PCRC homepage for details, including offers for fellwoship and invited professorship at PCRC.
Prof. Shibata attended the 8th meeting of Scientific  Cooperation Task Force of the Arctic Council (AC-SCTF) as a repsentative of Japan, an observer in the SCTF (March 3-4, 2016), held in Washington DC, USA. Professor Shibata attended the Social and Human Working Group of the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC-SHWG) as a member from Japan (March 9-10, 2016), held in Fairbanks, Alaska. He observed the Model Arctic Council in ASSW where he met students from University of Akureyri. A nice reunion from his visit to the University in October 2015.
Other News
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