RIMS Workshop
Mathematical Analysis in Fluid and Gas Dynamics

RIMS Workshop on Mathematical Analysis in Fluid and Gas Dynamics is annually held at Research Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto University. It is our pleasure to invite you to participate in this workshop.

The objective of the workshop is to give researchers in the field of mathematical analysis of fluid and gas dynamics opportunities to present recent progress, learn new directions and tools, and communicate each other. The scope of the workshop includes theory and application of: People planning to participate in this workshop are strongly recommended to make hotel reservations far in advance, because the Gion Festival is held during July.

The 21th Workshop
RIMS, Kyoto University, July 3 〜 5, 2019

Organizers: Yoshihiro Ueda (Kobe Univ.)
Masahiro Suzuki (Nagoya Inst. Tech.)

Date : July 3 - 5, 2019
Venue : Room 420, RIMS, Kyoto University

Program : -English- PDF     -Japanese- PDF     (Updated on June 17, 2019)

Lecturers (confirmed) :
Kazuo Aoki (National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan)
Fumioki Asakura (Osaka Electro-Communication University)
Myoungjean Bae (Pohang Univeristy of Science and Technology, Korea)
Vincent Duchene (Institut de Recherche Mathematique de Rennes, France)
Ikki Fukuda (Hokkaido Univeristy)
Yusuke Ishigaki (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Hideo Kozono (Waseda University)
Hideyuki Miura (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Kenta Nakamura (Kyushu University)
Masashi Ohnawa (Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology)
Takahiro Okabe (Osaka Univeristy)
Takashi Sakajo (Kyoto University)
Yukihiro Suzuki (Waseda Univeristy)
Tetsuro Tsuji (Kyoto University)

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