Boosting Anchored Conversation Scattered among Multiple Topics

with Takeo Igarashi


Lock-on-Chat is a text-based chat system designed to support conversations anchored to specific locations of shared images. Our system is unique in that it focuses on supporting communications scattered around among multiple images, while other systems for anchored conversations are designed for deeper discussions within a single document. Our system was used in technical conferences (WISS2004, 2005) as a space for anchored conversations over presentation slides and we observed that audiences actively participated in discussions during the presentation. The detailed chat log was also useful for both audiences and presenters.


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in Japanese

  1. 西田 健志, 五十嵐 健夫, "Lock-on-Chat: 複数の話題に分散した会話を促進するチャットシステム", 日本ソフトウェア科学会論文誌「コンピュータソフトウェア」, Vol.23 No.4, pp.69-75 (October, 2006).
  2. 西田 健志, 五十嵐 健夫, "Lock-on-Chat: 複数の話題に分散した会話を促進するチャットシステム", WISS2005 論文集, pp.117-120 (December, 2005).