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Joint Research Chair (Regional Environmental Science)
Guest Professor Takeshi Nakano / Research Gate

===Ph.D student===
Ph.D: Yasushi Okada/ // /Ph.D Thesis

Ph.D: Tetsuya Hirai/ // /Ph.D Thesis

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Academic degree: Dr.  Takeshi Nakano
Last name: Nakano 
First name: Takeshi 
Organization/Institute: Hyogo Pref. Inst. of Env. Sci.,
Hyogo Environmental Advancement Association 
Position: Research Councilor
Hyogo Environmental Advancement Association 
Street, Number 3-1-27, Yukihira-cho  
Postal code, City: Suma-ku, Kobe 654-0037 
Country: JAPAN 
Phone: +81-78-735-6911 
Fax: +81-78-735-7817 
E-mail address: ntakeshi@people.kobe-u.ac.jp 
URL: http://www.eco-hyogo.jp/ 
Curriculum vitae: Takeshi NAKANO, Ph.D.
Research Councilor
Hyogo Environmental Advancement Association
3-1-27, Yukihira-cho, Suma-ku, Kobe 654-0037 Japan
TEL +81-78-735-6911
FAX +81-78-735-7817

ESPR-Principal Subject Editor, Area 6 (together with Peter Luthardt):
Environmental Analyses, Monitoring, Health Issues

Since 2005:
Director, Environmental Safety Division
Hyogo Pref. Inst. of Public Health & Env. Sci.
3-1-27, Yukihira-cho, Suma-ku, Kobe 654-0037 Japan

Since 2008:
Director, Env. Safety Div. & Water Env. Div.
Hyogo Pref. Inst. of Pub. Health & Env. Sci.
3-1-27, Yukihira-cho, Suma-ku, Kobe 654-0037 Japan

Since 2009:
Director, Env. Safety Div. , Hyogo Pref. Inst. of Env. Sci.
Guest Professor, Graduate School of Maritime Sciences, Kobe University

Curriculum Vitae
Dr. Takeshi Nakano obtained a masters degree in Applied Chemistry from Osaka University, Japan, in 1974, and a Ph.D. at the same University ( Studies on Congener-Specific Analysis of Chlorinated Aromatics and Its Application to Environmental Chemistry ) in 2007.

In 1974 he joined the Hyogo prefectural Institute of Environmental Science where starting PCB analysis and continue more than 30 years. He contributed to the field of congener-specific analysis for Dioxin related compounds.

His main expertise is in the field of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs), especially Dioxins and Furans as well as PCBs in ambient air and the entire environment.

Dr. Nakano has authored scientific publications including fate and distribution of POPs, PCBs, Dioxins and Furans in human and environmental samples, source estimation using characteristics of congener profile in samples.

He is contributing to the committee for POPs monitoring and PCB destruction project in Japan.

He maintained voluntary web-server for sharing information of environmental, analytical, technical issue as chief member of MS analysis commission in Japan water environment society.

His hobby is to record researcher's natural smile as official photographer in each symposium.

Areas of interest:
Congener-specific analysis 
Enantioselective analysis 
persistent organics (PCBs, PCDD/Fs, PAH) 
polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) 
persistent organic pollutants (POPs) 
Brominated and fluorinated organic compounds in Environment