in Honor of 50 Years of Takeuti's Conjecture
and Gaisi Takeuti's 77th Birthday

December 17 - 19, 2003, Kobe


The Symposium on Mathematical Logic is a series of meetings on mathematical logic in a broad sense, supported by the Division of Mathematical Logic of the Mathematical Society of Japan. This year's symposium was held in honor of 50 years of Takeuti's Conjecture and Gaisi Takeuti's 77th birthday (the Age of Joy, in Japanese tradition) at Centennial Hall (Shindai-Kaikan) of Kobe University. The symposium was divided into two sections, namely

The first part features invited talks related to Takeuti's work and a panel discussion on Takeuti's Conjecture. The second part consists of invited and contributed talks in all areas of mathematical logic. In the symposium, 9 invited talks and 18 contributed talks were presented and there were 100 participants from 9 coountries.


Invited Speakers


The banquet of the symposium, in celebration of Gaisi Takeuti's 77th birthday, was held in the evening of December 17 at a restraurant SOSHUEN. (In Japanese tradition, 77 years old is called "the Age of Joy", since the Chinese characters for "77" bear a resemblance to the Chinese character for "Joy".)



The list of the participants of the symposium is here.



December 17 (Wed), 2003

December 18 (Thu), 2003

December 19 (Fri), 2003

Invited Talks

December 17 (Wed), 2003

December 18 (Thu), 2003

December 19 (Fri), 2003

Contributed Talks

December 17 (Wed), 2003

[Session 1A, Chair: M. Kumabe (U. of the Air)]

[Session 1B, Chair: T. Miyamoto (Nanzan)]

December 18 (Thu), 2003

[Session 2A, Chair: Y. Andou (Hosei)]

[Session 2B, Chair: S. Fuchino (Chubu)]

December 19 (Fri), 2003

[Session 3A, Chair: K. Tanaka (Tohoku)]

[Session 3B, Chair: K. Eda (Waseda)]

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