December 20, 1997
Masahisa Fujita (Kyoto University)
"A Flying Geese Model of Economic Development and Integration" (with Tomoya Mori)
Discussant: Toru Kikuchi (Kobe University)
Shumpei Takemori (Keio University)
"Is the High Land Price an Obstacle to Foreign Direct Investment in Japan?"
(with Hideo Nakano)
Discussant: Hajime Kubota (Shiga University)
15:10-15:30 Break
Ling Qi (Kyoto University)
"Deardorff 's Condition and the Factor Price Equalization
in the Integrated World Economy Model"
Discussant: Noritsugu Nakanishi (Kobe University)
Takao Ohkawa (Ritsumeikan University),
Makoto Okamura (Kobe City University of Foreign Studies),
and Makoto Tawada (Nagoya City University)
"Endogenous Timing in Trade Policy"
Discussant: Tsuyoshi Toshimitsu (Kwansei Gakuin University)
December 21, 1997
Kazuo Mino (Kobe University)
"Indeterminacy In Convex Models of Endogenous Growth"
Discussant: Harutaka Takahashi (Meiji Gakuin University)
Yoshimasa Shirai (Keio University)
"Population Dynamics of Comformists and Non-Comformists:
Stationary States and Cycles"
Discussant: Taiji Furusawa (Yokohama National University)
10:40-11:00 Break
Takumi Naito (Osaka University)
"A Rationale for Infant Industry Protection and Gradual Trade Liberalization"
Discussant: Jota Ishikawa (Hitotsubashi University)
11:50-13:30 Lunch
Koji Shimomura (Kobe University)
"The Kemp-Wan proposition concerning the formation of customs unions
under oligopolistic competition" (with Murray C. Kemp)
Discussant: Jun Iritani (Kobe University)
Masahiro Kawai (University of Tokyo)
"Empirical Analyses of Exchange Rate Arrangements:
Changing Influences of the World's Major Currencies" (with Shigeru Akiyama)
Discussant: Ichiro Gombi (Hirosaki University)
15:10-15:30 Break
Yushi Yoshida (Osaka University)
"Exchange Rates and Tradable Prices: Purchasing Power Parity
and the Current Account"
Discussant: Hideki Izawa (Kobe University)
Ryuzo Miyao (Kobe University)
"Long-Run Effects of Real, Monetary and Exchange Rate Disturbances:
The Case of Japan"
Discussant: Yuzo Honda (Osaka University)